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Hi Everyone,

 I was told I had to write a bit about myself for my homepage. I’ve never been good at writing about myself, so here it goes. I’ve been an artist most of my life. I’ve used my skills in many ways. As a young adult I moved to New York City and went to The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). After graduating I worked as a fashion designer for eight years. (That was a fun career) My career ended when I started to have children and suffered a profound loss. This time in my life, changed my path, gave my life new meaning and new goals.

 As an at home mom my main focus became my children and their lives. But as an artist you have to find ways to let out your creative energy. I learned to paint. And with such a wandering spirit, I taught myself many different crafts.

 Now after spending years of volunteering in the schools teaching art, planning large school parties, events, and school assemblies. I find myself with an empty nest, and a bunch of random skills, yet no resume. I suppose there are a lot of us out there in the world.

 So I decided, "Why not start up a website and share what I have learned?" and maybe even sell some art.  

 I have one more disclaimer, I’m dyslexic and I will be writing and editing this website myself. So please, if you notice any mistakes just laugh about them. If any of them are too upsetting for you to continually look at, blog me so I can correct them. I hope you enjoy my website.

 Download my book for free as a thank you for coming to my website just click on the book and wait a moment for it to load.

You can also find my work at  http://LaVera.etsy.com
my Blog http://teawithlavera.blogspot.com/
twitter  https://twitter.com/#!/teawithlavera (if you want me to let you know when I put up a new craft)
Contact me at contact@teawithlavera.com 

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                                  Thank you, LaVera


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